Saturday, April 21, 2012


I think I've come up with some names. I'm not totally solid but whatever. I have a name problem. I get all irritated with some names. Like J for instance, she has some nick names, a few based on her actual name and one of them irritated the crap out of me. It made me sad thinking up names for them because "I love their names and these aren't the same". I'm hormonal, don't mind me.

To make it easier (even though it looks kind of funny), their "names" include their initial. That way there's no "which one is that?" And because it's the only way I could force my brain to get over the fact that it's NOT their name. My brain is stubborn.

From now on, S is SDiva. It fits. She's very much my diva child. She's into clothes and shoes, make up (not allowed except rarely/play instances - she's 6!) and jewelry. She doesn't take regular pictures. She strikes dramatic poses. Hand on her hip, hip out, head tilted to the side with a mega watt smile. Her nana (my mom) never really got to do the whole frilly thing with me and LOVES that she can do it for the girls. They're all into clothes/shoes etc, but SDiva more so. Diva.

D is DCourtly. I struggled with this one. At first I picked Attitude but even though she has an attitude (they all do) it just didn't stick out. Then I thought up Haughty and again, it didn't feel right so I checked and found Courtly. I like it. Courtly means polite, elegant. But it's based on how people acted at court (royal court in olden times). DCourtly has an attitude, she can be haughty, but she also has this air of calm elegance. You can look at her and just imagine a regal child standing at court with her defiant chin jutted out, nose up turned, hand on her hip watching you. Courtly.

J is JSmiley. I had a bit of trouble with this one too. I always call her smiley but I was over thinking things. JSmiley is very much a happy baby. She rarely cried unless hungry. She's got a big smile for just about everyone. She's watchful and quieter, but very smiley. She can be energetic, quiet, entranced, etc but almost always will crack a smile.

It may seem silly but I couldn't call my babies some off the wall name like a cartoon character. (Ariel, Tink, Jasmin?) Sure I COULD but I can't. They love cartoons (even the baby) but it's just not them. And initials can get confusing. I don't talk about everyone but my MIL (mother in law for future reference) is R, my FIL (father in law) is R, my husband is R, one of my friends that has a son on my brothers baseball team is R. JSmiley is a J, a friend we see often is a J, another friend with a son on my brothers team is J. I'll stop there. I won't do nick names for everyone though. Just my relatives that would be easily tied to me.

Of course mom and dad are mom and dad. Though my dad lives a 12 hour drive away so maybe not so much on him. R is Big Daddy (I call him that in real life). My brother K, is Big D. Again, something he goes by in real life sometimes. Those are most of the people I'll mention. Maybe another blog shortly after this?

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