Saturday, May 19, 2012

Good Day

Took longer to recover than I thought. I'm guessing that was partly hormonal though. I've come to a decision. I AM going to start pumping and hopefully over the next 2+ months build up at least a little supply/stash that way I can at least ease my guilt a little. I may not be able to nurse past August and I may not be able to nurse her until 26 months like I'd like but I will give her as much milk as I possibly can. :)

I also downloaded a white noise app on my android called relax and sleep. I've come up with a combination I like. Drum melody, then relaxation melody, summer rain and thunder claps. None of them are even close to half of the volume bar. I'd say the loudest (drum melody) isn't even 1/4 and the others decrease a little from it each step. But its really soothing and enjoyable. I have fallen asleep to it twice. I haven't tried while fully alert, just already tired but it's a little easy to redirect my over active brain to the sounds. I feel like I could use it in yoga or maybe meditation. I love my little mixture of sounds.

I've gotten back into charting/tracking my stuff. I tracked it for 2 weeks and quit for a month. Cell reception sucks here and it takes forever, plus some of the drop down boxes don't work on my cell phone for some reason (for symptoms etc). But I plan on printing what I have and taking it to the neuro, Dr. S (did I mention Dr. S is a woman? I hope I like her, for some reason I'm usually more comfortable with male doctors). I've had 3 migraines this week alone, and that's not including the minor headaches that didn't develop into a full blown migraine. I have a headache now, waiting to see if it develops further. Only 17 days left until my appointment.

Today has been a pretty good day for me over all. I feel ok despite my slightly achy head. I'm being proactive on a lot of stuff and no negatives yet. Here's hoping for more good days in the future!

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