Thursday, May 24, 2012


I'm irked. Not at anyone but the situation in general. My phone, even when the volume is on 1, startles me and makes my heart race (unless I'm expecting it or already active) so it's usually on vibrate. Today JSmiley and I took a nap and Dr. S's (neurology) receptionist called to say they'd been told to call me if they had a cancellation (news to me) and to call their main number and an extension to call back. Only I didn't wake up until like 20 minutes later. However, she called at 5:22, the office closes at 5. I called both the number she called from and the number she gave. No answer. The opening is for tomorrow afternoon. Looks like I'll be calling in the morning and hoping it's still available.

Like I said, I don't mind she called after hours. Most of my doctors offices call at lunch or after official business hours. It is partially my fault, my phone could've been up or I could've been awake. I'm just irked that I missed the call and MAYBE the appointment. I'm going to start calling at 9 (when they officially open).

I also wonder why they were told to call if they had a cancellation. I know doctors offices get cancellations but I'm not usually placed on that list. I'm not used to this treatment. First the "ASAP" appointment for the electrophysiologist, getting referrals and tests without having to fight, and now being placed on the cancellations call list automatically. And by automatically I mean *I* didn't request it so one of the doctors had to have. I got called with a cancellation on my sleep study too a few weeks early. Surely there were tons of others ahead of me. Lord knows I'm not complaining, I'm just not used to it. I like it but they usually call that day or the day before so it's kind of rushed but as impatient as I am, I'm not going to complain about getting seen 2-3 weeks earlier than my scheduled appointments.

I just really hope it's still available in the morning. More later.

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