Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sleep Deprived Ramblings of the Chronically Ill

It would figure that the 1 month this year I haven't had any appointments my kids' health would tank. First DCourtly came down with a virus. She was in her room and Big Daddy was out in the hall. Told him she had a headache to which he told her she was too little to have a headache (seriously, I need to have a talk with that man about medical stuff, and just ban him from discussing it without my knowledge) and she preceded to projectile puke quite a ways. Fun right? Then SDiva got it, yucky feeling and headache and add raging fever that wouldn't stay away. Every 4 hours it would come back.

JSmiley didn't get the yucky tummy but she did have a fever and was very gassy. I don't know if she had a headache. When she went to sleep her temp was 99 but as the night wore on it slowly climbed until it was 102.6°F at 3 AM. I had tried to wake Big Daddy up at 2 when it was 101.3 with minor luck. (I tried waking him up, it took an hour and when he got up is when I discovered it was 102.6 so no, I didn't wait while her fever climbed - we didn't have infant fever reducer here or I'd have gotten it myself). He has an abscessed tooth and has been taking max strength goody powders, which for SOME reason make him super drowsy, along with the antibiotics/ibuprofen/etc his dentist prescribed. On top of him being a heavy sleeper. It's lucky the apartment didn't catch on fire. He's so difficult to wake up. But anyway. We got her some meds and it broke and never came back while I was awake. It was pitiful though. I could tell she was miserable, she was whimpering in her sleep even! :( I really hate when my kids are sick or hurt. I know I was happy to have no appointments or tests this month but not at my kids expense. I'd gladly see doctors weekly if it meant my kids were completely healthy. Granted weekly appointments are a PAIN! But still. Also, JSmiley still has that bump on her eye. It's day 15. I'm calling her doctor monday. This is ridiculous.

I'm still sleeping badly. When I CAN sleep (like when everyone else is sleeping) I'm wide awake (it's 5 AM, I got 4 hours of sleep YESTERDAY - not last night). Yesterday I was tired but JSmiley had the fever so I didn't get to sleep until after 4 and a transformer blew a little after 8 waking me up and I couldn't go back to sleep. Never fails. I'm apparently not allowed to sleep. The world is conspiring against me. Feels like it sometimes.

I bought 2 notebooks yesterday, a mini one to take to appointments for questions and quick reference and one to keep track (bigger one). I also am going to get a bp monitor and hr watch. It will be very useful for when I'm symptomatic plus after I start meds I can see how it's affecting me. Like the change (good or bad, large or small) or no change that happens from not on meds to on meds. I know I see a lot of dysautonomia patients mention them in blogs or on forums so I figure I'll go ahead. I have a glucose meter that I no longer use (my OB theorized my dizziness/fainting in 1st trimester and dizziness thereafter was the result of either hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia - reason I have it). Granted my levels did fluctuate wildly (62 - 168 fasting) it wasn't consistent and my gestational diabetes screening was normal. I might dig it back out. The time my level was those two I was very symptomatic. The 62 reading I had to eat chocolate before I was even able to get up. I was super weak and dizzy. But it fluctuated so much it was crazy. I think I will do it, at least on a trial basis to see if it still fluctuates like that almost a year after pregnancy. Maybe. That'd be heart rate, bp and sugar to keep track of, not including the future meds and anything any of my doctors want me to do as well (if anything). Hmm. Decisions.

Anyway. Good "night" for now. <3

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