Monday, May 14, 2012

Good(ish) Day

Big Daddy did well today. Rocky start this morning where I had to yell at him. He didn't tell me last night that he didn't have to work today and with the insomnia I was up all night. I got tired around 4 but he has to wake up at 5 so I stayed up to get him up. Then we started arguing about his lack of emotional support. I was rather blunt. He kept saying if I did stuff (like get out of the house more etc) he'd spend more time actually WITH me. After an hour of arguing and me proving him wrong he told me to get some sleep and he'd be a better husband.

Woke up by him bringing me lunch and getting the baby for a bit (on top of DCourtly). Then we went to Wal-mart and he ordered me a mother/family necklace with all our birth stones and names (which is why it's family not just mother). I've had miscarriages. The last one (before the baby) was really hard on me. I eventually want SOMETHING for at least that one.

We went by both the sports section (to look at the heart rate monitor watches. I wish they sold the ones that had a memory/storage in store. The one I looked at had an optional chest belt. Continuous ECG. I really wish I could hook it up to a computer or my tablet and view it/data.) and the pharmacy and bought a cheapish BP machine.

Got home and walked up the stairs and my hr was 146 bpm. I can walk up my stairs if I've been sitting ONCE and be ok. If I've been doing anything or walked up them multiple times or didn't feel well no matter how slow I walk I get tachycardic. Yay. Anyway. We "played" with it. Then I realized that often, my bp in my left arm, systolic is about 20mmHg lower than in my right. Thank you heart murmurs/conditions. Only now I don't know which to use. (See previous post/picture).

YES I know both are normal. However, say hypothetical #1 I'm dizzy - bp in left arm is hypotensive but bp in right arm is normal? Hypothetical #2, when I'm put on beta blockers, bp in left is pretty low, right is normal, taking the bb would lower it, left is really low, right still acceptable but low. Or if I had hypertension in one, normal in the other. I mean, YES, my readings aren't hypertensive or hypo, but, 20 points is a bigger difference. So which do I use?

He also brought me dinner and then cuddled with me for a few minutes when I felt my anxiety flaring.

I got a little worried earlier, ever since last night I had sharp twinges in my head above/behind my ear. I may have written about it, don't feel like checking. It was off and on and happening today too. But apparently it was just tension.

Anyway, more later?!

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